MEDTAG more than just a vaccination passport

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MEDTAG the new standard in Medical Identification

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Your Medical Profile Available Anytime, Anywhere

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Instantly Alerts Your Loved Ones In Case Of Emergency

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MEDTAG, using state of the art NFC technology, allows access to your medical profile in emergency situations to ensure immediate action catered to your needs.


MEDTAG offers protection; from sporting incidents to construction accidents, our products allow first responders to access your critical medical information and give best possible care.

Peace of Mind

MEDTAG provides peace of mind for your loved ones; minimises stress by allowing quick contact in emergencies; giving you information on where the accident happened.

Your medical profile immediately available anytime, anywhere.

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True Peace Of MindFirst Responders can access your profile in 5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life.

Clear CommunicationA doctor may be of no help if you can’t communicate clearly. MEDTAG stores all of your medical information in one place for quick and easy reference.

Access AnywhereOur platform provides an extensive medical profile that is immediately available anytime, anywhere.

What is MEDTAG?

MEDTAG is the new standard in Medical Identification. It is a medical profile which can be accessed anywhere, anytime using sticker kits, wallet cards and an app on your phone. It can be used to manage your medical information, save your life in an emergency, or clearly communicate important information to a health care provider.